Metz Correa, Recruitment Coordinator

Metz is originally from Northbrook, IL. Her full name is Metztli (pronounced Metz-lee). She was first involved with the Chicago North Chapter in 2006. That’s when she became a volunteer and went to Paraguay for 8 weeks to live with a host family and build latrines. It was truly one of the most inspiring 8 weeks of her life. It made her feel like she made the world a little bit of a better place. The travel bug bit her that summer, because after she graduated from Glenbrook North High School in 2007 she went to study abroad in Brazil for an entire year. She learned to speak Portuguese fluently and fell in love with the culture. Metz completed her undergrad in Arizona and now is attending grad school in Chicago. She is very passionate about spreading the word about AMIGOS to teenagers so that they have the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime trip.

You can reach Metz at


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